Saturday, July 13, 2013

NDSouth: Leila's Progress

This week we have been reminded of the amazing story of Marshall, through the arrival and similar story of baby Charlie. We thought it would be a perfect time to share the progress of another little miracle, Leila!

It is hard for us to remember that just 4 months ago, Leila was fighting for her life. She was sick, weak, and the doctor's were giving her no hope. But we, at New Day, know that hope is never gone. Leila made a miraculous recovery and came home to us on April 7, 2013, after being in the hospital for over 3 months.

3 months later, Leila is doing great! She may be small in size but her personality can fill up the entire room and then some! She is always smiling, laughing, and you can see the joy radiating through her sweet spirit.

When she puts her mind to something, she is determined to accomplish it. Why are we not surprised? Leila has the most adorable little "scoot" and has even started to pull herself up. At this rate, she'll be walking in no time!

Leila loves attention. After being in the hospital for 3 months, she became a bit spoiled having a nanny all to herself for all those months. Now it is hard for her to share those nannies with the other children. If they don't pick her up right way, her looks appear to say "how dare you not pick me up!"

Leila recently began one-on-one sessions a few afternoons a week with our Preschool teacher and she loves them! She is one bright little girl who catches on quickly. She cries when class time was over.

Have we mentioned her goofy side? That's right..... she can be downright silly which we think is absolutely adorable. Doesn't she looks like she is up to mischief?

Leila has such a joy for life and a joy for living. We do not take her life for granted and we don't think she does either. She is truly living life to the full. We are so very thankful that you are home and doing well.

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