Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cheeks for Sale!

 ...just kidding! Caroline isn't really advertising Julia Grace's cheeks for sale... but she sure does want everybody to hear about them.

While playing outside the other day, Caroline began calling out to her friends, "Everyone, come over here and feel Julia Grace's cheeks. They're so soft. They're so nice. They're so comfortable! Come, feel for yourself!"

Julia Grace is used to being petted and cuddled, but she had never been advertised about before and looked a little shocked.

 At least Caroline was well-meaning, and gave plenty of kisses afterwards...

Caroline commented soon after to Joel, "Julia Grace's face is really nice and soft. Yours isn't. It's hard." Somehow, we don't think that Joel was too put-off by this... he's not the biggest fan of pinches and smooches, anyway.

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