Thursday, July 4, 2013

NDSouth: Getting Ready for New Kids

New Day South is expanding and we are pretty excited about this! In March we signed a lease for our second apartment and for the last few months we have been working on getting it furnished and ready to move children into. We will be moving our older children into this new apartment and the babies will remain in our original apartment. Once we shuffle the kids around, know what this means? We will have many empty beds! 

Speaking of beds, we have been working hard and putting together cribs so that we can move the children into the new apartment in the next few weeks. Some of our older children wanted to help out and we thought, "why not?"

Fisher checking out all the new cribs.

These are three of the children who will soon be living here, Fisher, Laura, and Cooper.

What do you think of your new living accommodations, Laura?

Cooper is such a good helper to the nannies and the babies. He also was able to help "Baba" assemble the new cribs. 

What a great helper you are, Cooper!

In order to continue to get this new apartment up and running, we are still in need of room sponsors as well as funding in our "general fund" to help out with the start up expenses. Since this is an unfurnished apartment, we have not only had to buy furniture but also air conditioners, hot water tank, etc. 

If interested in being apart of the exciting things happening at New Day South, find out more information on our website or contact us at

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  1. This is beautiful! Is there anything you need? I would LOVE to help furnish blankets or other homemade nursery items from our Orphan Nursery Project. Please let me know. I am very excited that you all have started the move in process. Yay!