Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Baby Matters

Did you hear that Grace, our director, is going to have a baby?

When Colton saw Grace's bulging belly he, of course, had some questions. And, naturally, his questions were rather amusing.

"What's in your belly?"

"There's a baby in there!"

"Why did you eat him?"


"You've got two babies in your belly."

"No, only one."

"It's going to explode..."

We're happy to announce that Grace gave birth to her son early Saturday morning. Congratulations, Grace! As soon as the Yuezi period is over (the one-month period where new mama's and their babies must stay inside and follow all sorts of rules) we're sure that she'll bring the little one in to meet the kids. What do you think Colton will say?

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  1. So cute! congrats to Grace on the birth of her baby boy!