Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Silly Lucy

It's easy to look at a girl like Lucy and not be able to see past her challenges.

It's easy to get distracted trying to figure out how to help her learn and develop and be 'like other kids.'

It's easy to forget that she's perfect just the way she is.

But do you know what's also easy?

Bursting out in laughter at her silly antics.

Finding yourself at an impromptu tea party with all the fixings.

And getting wrapped into the biggest, snuggliest bear hug there could ever be by her loving arms.

Lucy is one of the most incredible little girls you will ever meet. She's kind, loving, gentle, witty, clever, creative, imaginative, cuddly and active. She loves life, she loves being loved and when you show a little love to her... you're automatically her best friend. Ever.

She's also pretty silly...

...and she's been making some exciting progress lately. Just listen to her singing! It doesn't matter that she mixes up the letters after 'D.' Do you know what matters? The beautiful little song that she sings at the beginning of this video, that she made up herself. And then her happy, joyful giggle that proves to us that Lucy knows just how special she is.

You guys have watched her grow up into a precious little girl. Aren't you proud?

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