Monday, July 15, 2013

The 'Anna's'

Annabel and Anna Rose were named by coincidence. We had no idea that these two little girls who have grown so close would have "matching" names, and it makes us smile to see how similar they look.

Here's a picture of them a few days after Anna Rose arrived. They look so tiny and... twin-like.

As the girls grew it was fun to watch Annabel overtake Anna Rose in size. After Anna Rose's heart surgery it took her a while to gain weight, but she worked hard and the girls are almost the same size now!

Anna Rose turned one in March and Annabel just celebrated her first birthday in June! We are so happy that these little girls came to New Day, their lives have changed so much in the last year.

In case you're wondering just how they're doing right now, check out the video below. Isn't Annabel a little show-off?

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  1. How do we find out more about your beautiful children?are they available for adoption? Cara