Friday, May 24, 2013

And Now She's Ready

Julia Grace arrived just before Christmas and we had to scramble to put together some goodies for her to open on the big day. Being just a little baby, she didn't mind at all and ended up taking a nap during most of the festivities. Born with two ENT defects, we knew that Julia Grace had a few challenges ahead of her. ENT surgeries may be relatively simple fixes (compared to things like hearts and GI defects) but they are no fun for babies!

Not two months after she arrived, Julia Grace was able to have her first surgery. She came through like a champ, re-found her smile quickly and began teaching herself how to sing.

This Monday Julia Grace was admitted into the hospital for her second ENT surgery. She had recovered well from her first surgery and was ready for number two. Hooray? Poor little one. Thankfully, Julia Grace's nanny was able to be with her in the two-day wait for surgery. Wednesday, around noon, Julia Grace went into surgery and the operation took about an hour and a half.

Julia Grace recovered so quickly that she was able to be released from the hospital today! She came home around noon and took a nice long nap. We don't blame her, she just had surgery two days ago.

Julia Grace has been matched with an adoptive family. She's had her two surgeries. Now all she needs is for her family to come and get her!


  1. That is awesome! What a blessing she will be for her family.

  2. Praying all the best for Julia Grace and Her new family. I hope the process is fast and she thrives! I love that little face!