Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Forever Home: Learning About Animals

This morning we made a trip to Beijing for something and since it was very near the flower market, the girls and I went inside for an animal learning adventure.  They have several small animals as well as flowers and other house decorating items.  The animals are always fun and you can learn so much about them.  Of course, hands-on learning makes for the best memories and excitement!  Camilla wasn't a bit afraid of the birds, fish, turtles, bunnies or anything else, but was instead fascinated by them.

Zoe, however, was quite afraid of all the live animals.  She was one that was very frightened of our dog when she first arrived.  But after a short time, she learned that he wasn't so scary after all.  She's not taking any chances though, she prefers to keep a good distance from these creepy things :)

The small fish in the aquariums were fine with Zoe, but even these large ones didn't allow her to take her eyes off them long enough to take a picture.

And she couldn't believe it when we actually took this thing away with us!  She's a cute little guinea pig that the older girls just couldn't resist!  No worries Zoe, after you spend some time with her, you'll see she isn't as scary as you think!

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