Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Christmas in March

A guest post all the way from Canada! 

This holiday season, the kids from Ms. S’s (an intern at NDFH in 2010) class at Bayview Hill School had a holiday toy drive for the children at New Day Foster Home. Every year our school does a Bake Sale for New Day too. This time, for Christmas/ Chinese New Year, we each chose (draw from a box) the name of an unmatched child and purchased a gift for them according to their age and their likes. This came from our hearts, and we used our own money (under $20), wrapped the gift, and wrote personal cards. Giving other children a gift became a “blessing in disguise” because we did it for the good in our world, not because we had to. Showing love for the kids at New Day made us realize it was better to give, not to receive gifts. We now also hope to inspire children to help others.

By Nicole S. and Tiffany C., Grade 6.

 For the holidays, our class (Bayview Hill Class 6B) did a holiday toy drive for the kids at New Day Foster Home. The New Day Foster Home (NDFH) holiday drive is a blessing in disguise not only to us but to everyone. It is a blessing to the children, the staff, and to us. A blessing in disguise may be something that is great. Only… we don’t all realize it at first.

It’s a blessing to the kids because they receive gifts and become happy, excited, and feel even more joyful. Kids love to explore and are very curious with new things. Also, they would feel loved. The children would realize that they’ve got a big “family” around them who really love and care for them. The kids may not recognize it at first, but as they get older, they will become smarter and smarter. They will soon realize that many people, all around the world really love and care for them.

A blessing in disguise for the staff would simply be, seeing the happy kids. The staff at NDFH may not be receiving anything, but seeing happy children is the best thing anyone could get. The staff at NDFH love the children. People who are often around children love to see them happy. Especially during the holiday season, when people spread love, peace, and joy. The staff work hard everyday and seeing the children smile and have fun might just make their day. Being around the amazing kids is great. But seeing them happy is even better! The smiles of children are one of the best gifts.

To us, it feels good just to give. The true spirit of the holidays is to share. Spread love, peace, and joy. NOT receiving. Although it is great, and puts happy smiles on our faces, making others smile is even better. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s the thought that counts. After this assignment, I feel like I have made a difference by uplifting someone. I’m becoming a better person.

Everyone, especially the kids at New Day Foster Home deserve a special something that would brighten up their day. At BHES, our class “theme” this year is how to take part in making the world a better place and being global citizens. Everyone can be a global citizen and make the world a better place by doing small things such as picking up the trash, helping others, and trying to make people feel good about themselves. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” –Helen Keller

By: Jessica Y., Grade 6. 

Thank you so much, Bayview Hill School! The children were so blessed by your giving. Please check out all of the other pictures of the happy children in the scrapbook and on facebook

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