Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Fling 2013

Our annual Spring Fling is always so much fun! This year Amy, the foster home manager, found some colored chicks for the children to pet. The little chicks were way better than peeps!

Some of the children loved the animals, some of them were apathetic and some of them were scared. Rachel adores animals, and Declan and Violet didn't mind them either!

Mollie was one of the fastest little hunters. She practically dragged her nanny along with her, hunting for eggs and snacks in the yard.

Hudson didn't care much for the hunting, but he was very happy with the egg that his foster mama helped him to find. He held on to that egg for the rest of the afternoon and didn't seem to care what was inside of it!

Michael met a tiny red chick. He preferred his colored eggs to the chirping ball of feathers.

After wearing himself out hunting for goodies in the yard, Henry needed a break. And a snack. Thankfully, he had a basket full of treats to enjoy!

There's a whole album of photos on our facebook page! And we made a short video of our fun below:

What's your family's favorite way to celebrate spring?

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