Monday, April 15, 2013

A Cup of Tea

Hm, someone is busy in the kitchen! Who could it be?
Why, it's Melinda! And it looks as if we have interrupted her from a meal, is that right, beautiful?
Aha, and now who is that in the apron who is joining you?
It's Zoe! And she has invited us all over for a tea party!

 You're coming, right? Pretty, pretty please?

Melinda and Zoe were hard at work in the preschool play-kitchen this morning, cooking up a wonderful little feast of tea and porridge.

Zoe may have been drinking out of the teapot... (shhh, don't tell!)
They both gobbled up their portions, and then were happy to share with others. There's still a little bit left in Zoe's bowl, want it?

We have to admit, the girls may have been great cooks, but they didn't have the best manners, especially when it came time to clean up. When they heard the preschool teacher call out, "Clean up!" they immediately scarfed down the rest of their food. Wouldn't want to put any of it to waste, would you?


When not a drop remained, they put everything away, like all good cooks do should.

Would you like to join us next time for a spot of tea? We love company!

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