Friday, April 26, 2013

Just Sing to Me

Oh, what a sweet sound Sue's ukulele was as she strummed hymns to the babies upstairs. And the sweetest sound of all was the contented sighs from our darling Ella as she soaked up the sound.

The music brought a beautiful look to Ella's face, and she smiled with satisfaction.

...she even tried to sing along, making her only sound "Ahh."

Sitting nearby, Talley also enjoyed the music...

...and Wayne, never one to miss a thing, scampered quickly over to see if he could get a ukulele lesson.

Sometimes... okay, most of the time, Wayne reminds us of a little puppy. He's always into everything, pulling on your leg and sticking his little nose into anything that looks interesting.

...just another sweet afternoon with the babies!

1 comment:

  1. So beautiful! I just want to hold and squeeze and sing to those beauties!