Friday, April 26, 2013

Just for Me?

Stella's first birthday was in March, but her birthday presents just keep on coming! We can thank the postal service for such spaced out delivery - what fun it is to have your birthday last for weeks!

We visited Stella's foster family's home to deliver her most recently arrived present, and she was very happy to great us. Don't you wish that everyone you visited smiled like this when you entered their home?

Like any newly-turned one year-old, Stella was quite curious about the bag. The presents were fine, but that bag.... and the tissue paper... Oh my, too much fun!

Stella was very happy to model her new outfit for us. She seems to know that she's gorgeous... I wonder who has been letting her in on the secret?

Happy {late} Birthday, darling girl. Please, please, please don't get any cuter. We just couldn't stand it.

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