Thursday, April 25, 2013

NDSouth: Our Darling

Do you remember this tiny baby girl that arrived so very sick the end of March last year?

It seems like just yesterday that we received a call to help this baby girl in need of serious medical care. Now, that baby girl is over a year old! 

Charlotte has gone through a lot in the first year of her life including two surgeries. She is a fighter and such a happy little girl. Charlotte always has a smile on her face and that dimple... oh my. She really is the darling of the foster home. With all of her "gie gie's" (big brother's), it didn't take her long to master walking and try to keep up!

One of her favorite things to do is pull herself up on the baby gate which separates the play room from the bedrooms and office. How can you say "no" to picking up this little dear when she flashes that grin of hers? Before we obliged to her request, we snapped a few pictures as we just knew it would make an adorable blog post!
"Here, let me help you open the gate!"
"Please, please, please let me in!"
"Hey! I'm talking to you!"
Yes Charlotte we will grant your request and pick you up. What a joy you are, sweet girl, and we are so very happy that we can play a roll in your life!

During the month of May, here at New Day South we are going to do a blog post series titled "Arrival & Today." We are going to feature a different child each week and show the transformation that love makes. Make sure you check back next week and join in the fun! "Bringing hope to the hopeless and the fatherless home," is what New Day Foster Home is all about. Join us in celebrating the miracle of love at New Day South.

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  1. Charlotte was breathtaking at arrival and has continued to grow even more beautiful and spirited! She is a doll! I am looking forward to the blog post series! ;-) blessings, Valerie