Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nine Day Transformation (12 Days of CNY)

Corrie's story is a fun one. She was our first arrival of the new, 2013 year, and made one of the most incredible transformations we've ever seen. The picture we posted on Facebook at her arrival drew over 80 comments... people were drawn in by her big, sad eyes. She looked scared, withdrawn... unhappy. But just a few days later, we saw something amazing. A smile. And then we heard one of the sweetest sounds... a giggle.  

Corrie is adjusting well to her new home here. It's already been a month and she is busy learning preschool songs, making friends (she and Melinda are best buddies!) and helping to love on some of the other little ones. Not only is her life transformed from the inside out... it's soon going to be transformed from the outside in. Only a week after Corrie arrived at NDFH, she was matched with an adoptive family. She won't be joining them for quite a few more months, but just the thought that she will have a forever family of her own one day makes us giddy with joy.

So maybe Corrie's story isn't one of the most life-threatening ones, but it certainly ranks up there as "life-changing."

And just as an extra, because everyone needs a little extra cuteness in their life...

Thank you for making stories like Corrie's possible! Would you consider making a small donation towards our Chinese New Year goal? It's easy and makes an amazing difference in a child's life.


  1. We love you sweet Corrie!!!! Praise the Lord for our ND family!!!!!! Your smile and dimple and giggle and antics in your crib make us all rejoice in the goodness of the Lord!

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    Matthew Lee

  3. She is darling! So glad there are orphanages like ND!

  4. Her big, sad eyes remind me so much of Evan's when he first arrived. The only remnants of the 'old Evan' are pictures of what he once looked like. He would not, at all, be alive if it weren't for you guys at New Day!!