Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snapshop Sunday: Grace the Photographer

 I made a little mistake the other day. A wonderful, adorable mistake. Abi (one of our beloved interns) and I were upstairs working with the babies. Grace has been a little extra fussy and blue these days, and we know that the best thing for her heart is for her to stay happy. For Grace, happy means busy, and busy means playing... preferably with "no-no" toys.

Grace is so close to taking her first steps. We've been keeping the little camera close at hand so that we can catch those steps on video, but today Grace would have none of it. She wanted to be cuddled and entertained... and she wanted to play with the camera.

So I let her, and Abi took pictures.

After trying to take a few pictures, but not understanding exactly how to do so, Grace decided that the camera was, indeed, a phone. She made some long-distance calls to the US to tell her adoptive family to hurry up and get her.

Just a day after this fun photo shoot, I was holding Grace with my camera slung over my shoulder. She kept turning and reaching around me, and I realized that she had her sights set on the camera hanging behind me.

Yup, this girl's got a love of cameras. Whether it's because she loves taking pictures, loves being in pictures, or just loves the idea of playing with something that the big people use, we may never know... but the one thing that's beyond debate is that Grace is absolutely adorable.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Its good to start a career in Photography early! Lots to learn and lots of time to learn! Adorable little girl!

  2. Such a blessing to see her so happy!

  3. What an adorable little girl and I love the story behind these adorable photos!