Sunday, February 24, 2013

Color Coordinated

A few outfits were donated to the foster home last week. In the bag were three matching purple outfits. The clothes were small, but perfect for the lovely ladies in our Critical Care Unit. Maya was off at a Chemotherapy appointment, but Lena, Annabel and Anna Rose were happy to play model in the new clothes.
Christopher thought that Anna Rose looked awfully pretty in her new outfit. She likewise thought that he was strikingly handsome in his new outfit.
Our three little ladies... looking so lovely and coordinated! Lena doesn’t yet have enough strength to sit up on her own, so she leaned over on Annabel. Annabel is strong, but not strong enough to sit up with Lena leaning over on her... and so she leaned into Anna Rose who was thankfully being held up by her nanny.
 Things worked out better when we sat the girls on the floor. Do you see it?
Annabel, the baby who wasn't supposed to survive, is now sitting up on her own. And she's so proud...

We're about bursting with pride too! And adoration over our lovely little miracle babies.

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  1. They are just TOO adorable! They look great in purple!