Friday, February 22, 2013

Big Sister Rachel

Rachel is a dear.

Rachel lives as the oldest upstairs. She gets to truly be a big sister, and what a great big sister she is! Being a big sister myself, it's been so special to see her grow as an exuberant and expressive two-year-old while learning how to be gentle with mei-mei and di-di (little sister, little brother). Grace joins Rachel at the "big girl table" when it's meal time, and I often see Grace sneaking a glance to see how Rachel's breaking her cracker or drinking her juice. Rachel's already a gentle leader. Her sweet smiles, constant dribble on her chin, and song-like laugh when you dance with her light the room up with joy. She's also very observant and aware of her younger siblings' needs. Many of them haven't been having clear lungs; therefore, the nannies have been patting backs more often than usual. Rachel, upon seeing this done, has decided to help the nannies out. She goes around patting backs, looking up now and again with a smile that anticipates a smile in return.

Rachel is a dear little girl, and you're going to love the video we got of her doing her thing!

Post written by our intern, Abi

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  1. Oh my, what a sweetheart of a helper! She needs her daddy and mama come soon for her. You'd be down a helper though.