Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two Miracles (The 12 Days of CNY)


Colton arrived at NDFH almost exactly one year ago, on February 9th. Since then we have been exceedingly blessed to get to know this handsome, caring and creative little boy. He celebrated his 5th birthday here with us and will turn an exciting six years-old in May!

When Colton arrived we weren't sure whether his heart defect would require a second heart surgery or not, but after being evaluated by the fantastic heart-hospitals here in Beijing, it was obvious that he needed surgery sooner rather than later. Colton was admitted into the hospital for surgery New Year's Eve and had a successful heart surgery January 5th.

Colton's physical heart has been repaired, and for that we rejoice. But do you know that makes us the happiest? When we think of the heart-healing that's soon to happen for this sweet boy. On January 17th, Colton was matched with an adoptive family. He's going to have a family of his very own one of these days.

We're celebrating two miracles today. The first one is that Colton is home and healthy after his successful heart surgery. The second miracle we're celebrating is that Colton is matched with a family.

That kind of news puts the biggest grin on your face, doesn't it? Today, in honor of Colton's miracles, we're going to try to raise another $1,000 for our Acute Care fund. Let's make more miracles happen!

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  1. Praise the Lord! This is wonderful!!!!! SO encouraging!