Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One Amazing Story (The 12 Days of CNY)

Annabel... she's a little baby girl who has lived a miracle before our eyes. When her orphanage asked us to help her, we were unsure if she would even survive the trip from the hospital in her province to the hospital in Beijing.

But she did, and the way her story unfolded amazed us, and reminded us to believe in miracles.

Annabel has continued to grow, gaining weight and strength daily. Last month she got very sick and needed to be admitted into PICU with pneumonia. She was on supplemental oxygen and the doctors said that her lungs were very compromised. After being in ICU for nearly a month, Annabel was released December 14th from the hospital, but her health has since gone downhill and she's back in the hospital as of the 25th of January. It's pneumonia but we have great hope that Annabel will soon recover and be home.

Love and medicine have changed Annabel's life, and each time she's been in the hospital, it's the Acute Care fund that has been used to pay for her hospital bills. How has she been affected by this fund? Well, it's saved her life, and it's saving her life right now. Today.


  1. I needed to be reminded TODAY that He loves so show us His miracles!! I love Annabel's story that He created for her!!