Thursday, January 31, 2013

The 12 Days of CNY: Day 2, Jace's Story

By Jace's Adoptive Mama--

Jace Yan Yin, the little boy who was always the most excited when other children at the foster home were matched with their forever families... The little boy who used to stare out the window and ask when his mama and baba were coming. At New Day he was given hope that his family would come one day. He was loved on and cared for with his complicated heart problems.

Back in the states our family seemed complete as we had 3 children adopted from China. But God had other plans for us and after reading Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman and seeing a story on Love Without Boundaries advocating for Jace a forever family we knew we were called to be that family. Family and friends questioned our decision to adopt Jace with his extensive medical issues. But we stood firm believing that God led us to Jace and that the one thing he wanted, a family, he was going to get.

So in January, 2011 we started the paper trail. I will never forget the pictures that New Day shared the day they told Jace he had a family!! What joy on a little boy’s face. And in October 2011 he joined our family. The first time we met Jace, he ran down the hall yelling , “My mama and baba!" there were lots of tears of joy! Since that time Jace reminds me frequently and maybe reassures himself this is for real by saying, “You my mommy forever and ever.”

Jace has had numerous medical procedures over the last year including a very complicated heart surgery. He has taken it all in stride, is incredibly brave and is making progress in so many areas and started kindergarten this last fall. Jace loves life to the fullest and gets so excited about things. We are so happy to share those moments with him. His medical needs are great but each day with Jace reminds us of how precious every day is with the ones we love.

We are forever grateful to New Day for loving Jace and teaching him to love. For giving him hope that he would have a family one day and advocating for him a family, and for being so attentive to his medical needs. We are honored and blessed to be his family. We have met so many incredible people and become part of the New Day family which has been an amazing experience.

1 Corinthians 13:13 says, And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love. This sums up New Day Foster Home in one short verse.


  1. oh my!!!!!! tears as I imagine this sweet boy running to your arms. love stories like this. I'm so happy for you to have such a sweet sweet boy as your forever son!!

  2. He has grown up so much!! what a little man!!!!

  3. Great post, Robin! Our family so happy you found Jace and he found you! What a blessing when a little one has a forever family!