Monday, December 17, 2012

Asher Plays Santa to Tom

Asher received a very special Christmas package. Inside of his carefully wrapped gifts, was a stocking for Tom, Asher’s special buddy. We decided to let Asher play gift-giver to Tom so we bundled him up, gave him a Santa hat and went into the backyard to find Tom.
 The result of this gift giving was a rather confused beagle, and a very happy little boy.  
While some of the children here at New Day Foster Home are afraid of Tom, Asher is just the opposite. He’s loved Tom since the first day that he was here, and Tom loves him too. We know that there’s a family out there for Asher who will bring him home ones of these days, and deep down inside… we sort of hope that they have a dog.


  1. We have a Beagle that could be Tom's brother. I wonder if Asher would like him, too. Is Asher with a specific agency? Please let me know, thank you.
    kikistine AT hotmail DOT com