Sunday, December 16, 2012

And the Presents Keep on Coming

One day, just a week or so ago, I went into the office to discover that we had over 40 packing slips.  Did you read that right, forty! The driver went to the post office to pick them up later that afternoon, and it took two carts, loaded high, to transport all of the boxes into the storage room.
A few days ago, this is what the storage room looked like...
Our storage room manager didn't want the presents to stay in there for too long, and so last week we moved all of the boxes into the preschool room for some sorting and "putting under the tree."

The preschool teachers helped with the sorting, and were so tickled to find presents for themselves in the pile! Don't worry, we didn't let them peek.
After we had written each child's Chinese and English name on their presents, we moved the packages under the specific trees. Here's the baby-room...
And here's the Critical Care Unit (we had so many presents that we had to pile some boxes on top of the cabinet!)
The ball pit is now the "pit of temptation" for the children. We caught Asher trying to take a peek yesterday... hopefully the packages will stay wrapped and secret until our party on Friday!

All of the presents for the children in foster families are under the tree in the preschool room. That pile is quite a few boxes thick. Our kiddos are going to be so blessed!

If you haven't yet shipped your package, do it now! If you have already mailed your package but have not recieved an e-mail telling you that it has arrived yet and you're wondering, please feel free to let us know!

Here's our plan for Friday: We will have over fifty children all opening presents at the same time, so getting photos of each child with each present they recieve is going to be impossible. All hands and camera's will be on deck, though, so we will catch as much as we can. After the party, we will get to work on scrapbooks which will be posted on our website and on our facebook page. Hopefully, we will have caught a shot of the child you sponsored opening up the gift that you sent. If we haven't, we will still have at least one good picture of that child enjoying Christmas, which is what this is all about, right?

Because Tabitha will be adopted before the Christmas party (whoohoo!) we are going to give her presents to Camilla, the new little one in the Forever Home who has no sponsors right now. We hope that this is okay with everyone!

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  1. So many presents= so many loved children. Makes my heart smile.