Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ken gets an Early Christmas

Ken is going to be joining his forever family before Christmas, which is fantastic news for both him and his new family. But, as we were sorting Christmas presents the other day (blog on that forthcoming!) we realized that we won't have anyone new to give Ken's presents to. There's a good chance that his bed will be taken by a new baby girl (shhh, don't tell), and Ken's 9-month sized little boy outfits probably won't suit her at all. So what were we to do, but give Ken his presents a little bit early!

He was rather unsure about the excitement at first. This is his first Christmas after all.

...but a few gifts warmed him up and he got rather excited about the new toys inside of each package.

Thank you Russell and Radzanowski families! You really blessed Ken this Christmas. Thank you everybody who has worked so hard to brighten our Christmases over here at New Day Foster Home! We can't wait to help the children open up their gifts at our Christmas party next week.

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  1. Oh no! We also sent a Christmas package for Ken, but I really hope it didn't get lost on its way to China. So happy that Ken will join his forever family so soon!