Saturday, September 22, 2012

When a Bench Seat is Empty...

William was missing his little foster sister Cora, who had to take a quick overnight trip to process her passport - she's going to be adopted soon! "Did you miss her last night?" I asked William. "Yes, I missed her." he said. "and I slept in her bed last night!"

According to William, Cora's bed is more comfortable than his is.

Then, suddenly, someone plopped Lily down into the empty bench seat at William's side. His reaction was priceless.

"What about Lily?" I asked. "Do you want her to go home with you?"
"No!" William said, "she can't go home with me! She has to go to her house."

"But she can sleep in Cora's bed, can't she?"

"No! She has to go to her house." William was determined.

Lily, after recovering from the exciting shock of being placed in William's cart, staunchly replied, "I won't go. I have my own family!"

Foster families are only temporary for these children; we hope and pray that each one will be adopted into forever families of their own. It's so exciting and reassuring to watch them attach appropriately to their foster families and absorb love. It's going to be hard for these little ones to say, "ZaiJian" to their loving foster mamas and babas when they go to meet their adoptive parents, but we believe that the "hard" in this case is totally worth it, as the children learn and grow in love.

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  1. That is really precious! And you are doing such a wonderful job with the children entrusted to you for a time. Keep up the great work, and keep the cute pics coming! :)