Monday, September 24, 2012


This post, the one that you're reading right now, is our 1,000th blog post.


That's scary in an impressive sort of way.

Lydia's signature silly face
 In celebration of this momentous occasion, let's share some love, how about? Have you noticed that the blog has a "button"?

The NDFH Blog Button

If you have a blog of your own, we'd love it if you would grab this button and put it on your own blog!

We currently have 341 blog followers... do you read the blog but have never clicked, "follow"? Well, today would be the day!

One of my favorite parts about NDFH and it's blog is that it reinvents the term "special needs orphan." It's easy to approach this subject with stereotypes and trepidation, but when you see cute faces likes these ones...

Well, it changes your life, doesn't it?

Here's to 1,000 more life-changing blog posts! Tell us, what have your favorite posts of the last three years been?


  1. My favorite posts are the ones that show the kids just being kids. To see these guys living life like any other kid, is precious. And, of course, I love the posts announcing when a child has been matched with a family or is joining their new family!

  2. I'm a little biased, but my all time favorite was the one that said Claire had a family. Honestly, when any child gets a family, that qualifies as a favorite for me. Praying that families will find their special kiddos quickly.

  3. I can't say that I have a favorite post as I love seeing the faces and antics of all of the special kiddos. But it warmed my heart to see that Alea's surgery was a success and that she is healthy!

  4. I have a weird question I want to put your button on my blog but I dont know how to do it lol I know you copy what is in the box but that is all can any one help? Thank you