Friday, September 21, 2012

I Am!

Preschool was over and Wendy and Philip were about to head home in their foster mama's cart. She was chatting with some of the other foster moms, so I decided to ask Wendy and Philip a few questions to pass the time.

"Whose bed is the most comfortable?" I asked.

"Mine is!" Philip announced. Wendy reluctantly agreed.

"Who has the best chair?" "Me!" cried Philip.

"Who eats the most?" "I do!" Philip enthusiastically responded.

By this time, Wendy had figured out how things went, and so when the next question came...

"Who likes your dog the most?" both Philip and Wendy's hands shot up and they cried, "Wo!" Me!

And then I asked the most important question, "Who is the most obedient?"

"Me! Me!" they both shouted.

"...and who is the most naughty?"

"Me! Me!"

According to Wendy, her new foster family has a dog, three rabbits and one elephant. Philip denied the elephant.

So what do you think? It sure looks like these two are getting along quite well!

p.s. when I asked the foster mom, she said that yes, both Wendy and Philip are the most obedient and naughty. Why are we not surprised?


  1. They remind me of two of my kids that are close in age. Competitive with a capital C!!

  2. That is just too cute! And, I'm gonna trust Philip on the elephant issue. ;)

  3. Sounds like Foster Mama has her hands full with these two and the dog and the rabbits AND that elephant;-)