Monday, September 3, 2012

The Final Chapter

She spent the first years of her life in and out of the hospital, fighting for survival.  (Read: Miracles Happen, Finally Home

During the hospital stay to repair her TEF - over six months

There were many times that the doctors said she would not make it; they said that she wouldn't survive the week, the day or even a few more hours... (Read: Claire's Hope, Homecoming)

the second hospital stay - over 5 months

But somehow - and we know with confidence that it was through miraculous power - Claire lived. She lives. (Read her Amazing Story)

released, for the last time
Knowing that Claire was soon to leave us and join her forever family, we decided to take her on a little trip, the destination being the hospital where Claire spent a good portion of her life, nearly died at multiple times, and has been the talk of the doctors, nurses and surgeons for years.

Of course they recognized her.

meeting the surgeon who saved Claire's life, multiple times

The look in the eyes of the doctors who fought for Claire's life was priceless. They were proud, they were honored and they were touched. So many times they needed to pick up the phone and call us to give us grim news, inform us that she wouldn't make it, tell us that there were no options left... but an equal number of times they called to say that she had pulled through. Again. 

with another surgeon who fought hard for Claire's life
So, before we left the hospital, we asked if Claire's doctor would give her one last checkup. He gave her a full exam and said that she is doing great.

the final checkup
She shouldn't be alive, but today she is doing "great" and right now, at this very moment, Claire is meeting her adoptive family.

And thus closes the final chapter to Claire's amazing story at New Day Foster Home. We're sure that the next eight years of her life will be just as full of miracles and awe (though we sure do hope that there are no life-and-death-situations thrown in), and it brings a big smile to our faces and even a few tears to our eyes to know that she will be spending the rest of her amazing life with a family by her side.

We love you, Claire, and we cannot wait to see all of the wonderful things laid up in store for your life.


  1. Se muy feliz pequeña Claire¡¡

    Kises of Spain.

  2. Beautiful girl, go well and be happy. Your story has touched so many people. xx

  3. I LOVE that Claire's final chapter at ND has come. I LOVE that right now she is with her very own mom and dad. I LOVE that her story continues to remind of the truths that our God is truly the father of the fatherless and that he does set the lonely in homes! Praising HIM with joy in my heart.

  4. Our miraculous Heavenly Father was with Claire from the beginning of time. He knew the plans He had for her. Praise God for NDFH and your incredible staff that have taken care of Claire while so many times were tough and thank you Lord for Claire's new chapter of life as she enters her forever family. May she always sense God's hand on her life!

  5. Claire, I am so, so, happy for you. I cried reading this post because I remember meeting you for the first time, when you came back from one of your long stays at the hospital. I got to spend months teaching you in preschool, watching you get stronger every day. And a few months ago, when I came back to visit, you had grown up so much. You were as beautiful as ever. I prayed for the day you would join your family... and now it's here! Congrats, my sweet girl. I am so excited for you!

  6. Oh, I just LOVE it!! Praise the Lord - the Great Physician for your healing and precious life, Claire!