Friday, September 18, 2009

Miracles Happen

Claire's story is quite amazing... and she pulled through her last surgery better than anyone, even her doctors, expected. She was even released from ICU after only 1 day, again defying the odds.

Please read her whole story to learn the miracle that's happened in her life. And, if in the future you'd like updates on our children when they are in emergency situations, please e-mail Karen at She sends out urgent alerts when our kids are going through particularly trying and dangerous situations.


  1. Praise the Lord for His mighty hand in Claire's life!

  2. WOW, I just finished readying Claire's story and am completely amazed at how well she is doing after all of her complications. She is definitely a miracle child, a child of God.
    Thanks for updating on her and I look forward to only more good news concerning her heart.


  3. I continue to stand in 'awe' of all that the Lord has done for Claire. She is a walking testimony of His unfailing love for these precious children! When I first read of her most recent miracle, it just brought tears of joy to my eyes, knowing how far He had brought her through this physical battle and 'once near-dying' journey she has been through. She is such a treasure and I can't wait to see what is in store for her future! God is faithful!! <><

    Blessings and Hugs,

  4. I can't believe how good she looks in the picture! Praise God!!!

  5. Amazing! But then of course...her Father holds the power of life and death in His hands....and He has more plans for this little one.
    How many have seen and known His power because of her little life?

  6. I think God has BIG plans for Miss Claire!!!