Friday, September 7, 2012

Peeking in on Rachel

It's been too long since we posted on the blog about Rachel.

She's walking - with one hand held, but that's still counts. She's also learning now to throw balls, dump toys out of containers, drink from a cup and explore her enviroment with curiosity... sounds like she's grown into a happy, hard-to-keep-up-with little gal with a mind of her own. Delightful.

Rachel loves taking walks outside with her foster mom
Standing tall!

Aw, baby girl, stop growing up on us!


  1. You are beautiful little Miss Rachel!

  2. she is so sweet. the photos do no justice to her dainty and delicate little features that we were so blessed to see in person. we were both smitten. she is a beautiful and sweet natured little girl!

  3. What a gorgeous little girl!!! Looking at her pictures reminds me of our daughter. Rachel has much in common with our little girl as she is also adopted AND has the exact same birthmark, in the exact same place (except on the left of her face). I am so thankful you posted about her as I check her often to see how she is doing. Isn't that hair on her nevus wild and thick? Thank you for posting these pictures of her. We pray that she may be adopted soon into a forever family.