Friday, September 7, 2012

Getting Loved On

Wendy was kissing Jefferey, loving on him like crazy. She turned to her nanny, "Will you move him into my bedroom? I want to raise a child!" Wendy's nanny looked at her incredulously, although she wasn't all that surprised.

Levi with Jeffery
Wendy already has a little one in her room, 2.5 month old Violet, but it's Wendy's nanny who "raises" Violet. Wendy wanted to move Jeffery into the room so that she could raise a little one on her own.

Wendy loving on Violet
"Please?" Wendy begged. But Wendy's room was already full, and we're not quite convinced that Miss Wendy is fully up to the art of child-raising, though she does have a way with the babies.

The "Yellow Room" in the foster home has been the happy home of Colton, Wendy and Violet, until today...

The three members of the "yellow room"
 Today, Wendy said goodbye to her beloved room-mate and play-mate, Colton...

...and said hello to her new room-mate and play-mate and foster brother, Philip!

This afternoon Wendy joined Philip's foster family. Though her heart condition is still risky, we know that the physical heart and the emotional heart are intertwined tightly and that living in a family environment will be integral to Wendy's healing. After all, she's only been an "orphan" for a year... if anyone needs to be in a foster family, it's Wendy.

All our best goes out to Wendy's new foster mom, as she trains up Wendy into a little family-girl. Wendy is full of sugar, but she's also overflowing with spice... hopefully Philip will adjust to his lively little foster sister quickly!

Raising children and loving on them is what foster mama's are best at. We're so thankful for our wonderful foster parents who take on this tremendous task that changes lives from the inside out.


  1. Wendy! I am so so so so excited for you!!!
    And I know Colton will do a good job "raising" Violet for you! ;)

  2. Wendy, I too am so excited for you!