Friday, June 15, 2012

One Beautiful Family

All of our foster families are amazing and beautiful. Each one cares for the children like their own, sacrifice and loves them hard. But something about Calvin and Rebecca's family stands out. It must have something to do with the fact that they have two children, both of them at that perfect age of growing-way-too-fast, and famous for their adorableness.

Whatever the reason, we can't get enough of these two and we're pretty sure that you can't either.

Rebecca and Calvin's foster parents are two incredible people. We've watched children, ones whom we were worried about, join their family and make amazing gains. Once, Vicki, as we've lovingly named this foster mother, was watching one of her foster babies as he was being assessed. One of the assessment items mentioned looking at a book. "We don't have any books here," she said, "how can I get some?" It's great and encouraging to see this kind of initiative in a foster family - taking responsibility for not only the child's immediate physical needs, but their developmental needs as well.

Their foster dad, Jim, is a village driver. He gets a lot of business and even teaches driving lessons. It just so happened that one of his students is the oldest biological son in another one of our foster families. NDFH has a great record of facilitating relationships.

Wu Shi Fu, or Adam, is the NDFH gardener. He as a very soft spot in his heart for Rebecca, and never fails to have a spare moment or two from his duties when she comes in, so that he can steal a cuddle or two. He's also making sure to instill in her little heart a fond affection for Tom, the dog.

Calvin is a bit shy around strangers (and cameras), but his foster parents say that he's quite the talkative and active little boy. He can say, "Mama,"  "Baba," "Gege," and when he wants Rebecca's attention he calls out, "lai!" come!

Guess what Calvin can now do with the help of his foster mama?

That's right - he can walk!

That's enough adorableness for one post. Have a great weekend!


  1. Calvin, you big big boy!!!! They are growing so much!
    I have experienced first-hand the result of the foster families' love for their children, and let me tell is GENUINE LOVE! We are so grateful for the sacrifice they make, for the time they pour into these babies....they are making such a difference in these children's hearts!
    God bless them all!

  2. Calvin is really moving! Oh and Rebecca with puppy is adorable!

  3. Having someone to "love them hard," as you said in your blog, is the difference between just being alive and living. Thank you so much for the work you do matching people who can love with those who need to be loved.

  4. What a precious update on a couple of my favorite babies... so fun to see them together an hear how they are doing in their foster family ~ it's clear how VERY much they are loved!! ♥ I can't believe how much both of them have grown. PRECIOUS as ever!!