Monday, May 14, 2012

On Mother's Day

There really aren't words to adequately describe these pictures...It's sufficient to say that Rebecca is doing great in her foster family.

She came in the other day while her foster mom was at a meeting, and it didn't take long until we had scooped up our precious China Doll, and dressed her up in a new outfit.

Then we just sat and stared.

We knew that Rebecca was cute - even beautiful - and we thought that we knew what that meant. Now, seeing her in her new summer outfit, we're realizing that we don't.

How blessed we are with such fabulous foster mama's, who love and care for these children like their own. They may not be the children's birth mama's, nor will they ever get the chance to be their forever mama's, but for this time in a child's life, they fill that vital need in the perfect way.

Our hope and prayer for Rebecca, and each one of the children in our care, is that they may spend next Mother's Day with a forever mother of their own.

Happy Mother's Day!

Consider making a donation to NDFH today in honor of your mother. You can sponsor a little one, or contibute to our acute medical fund to help us fight for the helpless.

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  1. Praising the Lord for these wonderful foster parents!!!!