Thursday, June 14, 2012

Miracles on Screen

For the next 7 days, you have the opportunity to help Johnny Drimmer  raise a relatively small amount of money to help him finish the video that he has been working on for us.  After that, his fund raising site will shut the campaign down.

For a year and a half we have all been working with Johnny to make a video about our kids and the work we do here. Johnny was a producer for National Geo and 60 Minutes and has contributed everything so far -- except for a few extraordinarily kind donations.  Our video will help us tell people here and in China about the joy and love and commitment that happen at New Day.

He needs to raise a relatively small amount of money to finish.

You can see a clip of the film at and make a donation there as well.

It will tell the stories of three of our kids

--  Judson who was found by the tracks, near death, with his entire GI tract outside his body. The doctors said it was hopeless. Today Judson has a wonderful, loving  family.

 -- Claire, who spent half her life in the hospital.  While Johnny was shooting, her condition went from bad to worse. They said she might perish overnight.  The next morning, as if by a miracle, she was getting better.  Watch the miracle unfold on screen!

-- And Jace, who used to look up and the sky and ask, "When are my mommy and daddy coming to take me home?"  He has been adopted by loving, dedicated parents. You might just get to see him meeting them in the film!

 The two supporting actors in our film. (Hint: the stars are the kids!)

Johnny is making 2 versions: An English version, and a Chinese version. 

 Johnny Drimmer and Jim Edwards our editor. Do they look like they're having fun?
The goal on Johnny's fundraising site is incorrect.  He only needs to raise $2,502 to complete the video.

Instead of making a contribution through the site listed above, you could also donate directly to his paypal account; that would  save the production 8%.  Johnny's email is

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  1. Oh how I love this story! Johnny is such a kind-hearted wonderful that he would use his gifts to help spread the love!!! Praying this endeavor will be abundantly fruitful...and thank you for letting us know how to help!!!!