Thursday, June 21, 2012

All Dolled Up

Maya and Lydia both got a package from their adoring sponsors this week. Inside the bags were outfits and cute headbands, perfect for our tiny little beauties. The headbands are great for little Maya, whose hair is thinning with the chemo treatments. But you should watch this girl grow stronger and happier each day! Despite having recently undergone major surgery to remover the tumor on her kidney, Maya happily rolls over to her belly to play. It's shocking - and amazing.

Lydia received this cute outfit, a headband with a cornflower-blue bow, and a special little bracelet. Darling, isn't she? Recovery is coming a bit harder for this little lady, but considering her circumstances, she's already a miracle. Seeing her white little face and peaceful eyes is enough for us. She's home, and as long as she can keep from getting an infection, she will stay here.

New outfits are the best. Thank you, Catherine, Timothy&Kristin for the sweet gifts!


  1. So so thankful for all the sponsors!!!!!!! Those girls look beautiful! Precious little ones! Praise God for His healing work in their lives!!!! We continue to pray for them...

  2. aw, Maya looks precious-as usual! so happy to see her playing with those adorable little toes on her new blankie :) and Lyida is just beautiful!!!!