Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Forever Home: Lookin' Good, Girls!!

Last week someone donated some new clothes for our girls.  They were really blessed by all the nice outfits they received.

The other morning I pulled out these two shirts for Mollie and Emma to wear to school that day and  the rest of the girls all decided they just had to wear theirs too on the same day.  Imagine everyone's surprise when they showed up for school at New Day all wearing matching shirts!

Someone stated I should get a picture of that and I said, "Already did!"  You girls are lookin' sooo good in your new shirts!


  1. Absolutely wonderful! They look so, so good. I just can't decide if it's the matching shirts, the smiles, the holding hands, the twinkling eyes, OR the total picture. These girls are a "delicious" combination. Please give them extra hugs for me. Tell them it's because they always, always make me smile!!!

    Barbara Lyman :-)

  2. ADORABLE!!!!! Look at those precious smiles...such sweet love!