Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Closer than Brothers

What were the odds that William, Elliot and Nathan would all be wearing the exact same shirt on the same day?

William and Elliot are in a little English class we've started in the afternoons. Their class is completed by Cora and Philip. The kids have a lot of fun and are picking up more and more English, which is really quite amazing. 

Well, the other day, Elliot was waiting for William to arrive for class, so that the two could run around and goof off for a few minutes before the bell rang. William pulled up in his foster mother's cart, and jumped out. As soon as he saw Elliot, he let out a cry of joy.

"We're wearing the same!" he shouted. Elliot grinned and the boys raced off to play. William reached for Elliot's hand and that's how they ran, hand in hand. Somehow, wearing the same shirt (and shoes, as Elliot proudly noticed) made them closer than brothers.

They were twins.

As class was about to begin, Elliot needed to get a drink of water from the other classroom. Cora needed to use the bathroom and William was going along with her, to hopefully prevent any "teacher, bathroom!" interruptions during class. William was walking happily along with Cora, until he saw that Elliot was walking the other direction. He turned around and began to follow Elliot. "No, William," we said, "you need to go and use the bathroom."

"No!" he replied, "I have to go with him (pointing to Elliot and tugging on his shirt) because he's wearing the same as me!"

Later that afternoon, Elliot and William found another "twin."

You never saw two little boys so proud of their newest little "brother," Nathan.

Did you match with anyone today?


  1. My friend Rebekah loves to match her kiddos and she says she's having a "MATCH ATTACK!" :)
    There's lots of "match attacks" going on at ND lately, huh? And they sure are cute!

    I matched someone last night! Our friends came over for a birthday dinner and my friend and I had on the exact same shirt...we were THRILLED! So even when you're forty-something, it's STILL fun to match! :)