Monday, June 4, 2012

Picture Heavy in a Good Way {Children's Day 2012}

Were the children excited about coming in to celebrate Children's Day together last Friday (June 1st)? We'll let you be the judge of that!

Are you thinking, "Yes"? Then you're right! There were many fun activities planned, like a scavenger hunt to find all of the balls hidden in the yard. Melinda had fun at this one! Is this the first time you have seen her smile?

As always, bubbles were a hit. They never seem to get old. We're so proud of how well our children share and play together. Below, Elliot, Eliana, Noah and Colton are all sharing the same bubble solution. Great job, kids!

A lollipop break was necessary. Rachel and Tabitha got to lick lollipops for the first time! Neither of them had more than a few licks, but it was still a "first" for them and a precious moment that we were privileged to capture. 

Face painting was a new treat. Holly requested a pretty butterfly for her hand, and ended up being transformed into a kitten! There's a picture of her in Friday's scrapbook.

Then it came time for lunch, and the McDonalds in Beijing offered to sponsor Happy Meals for each one of the children! The kids love their French Fries and new toys. William is a hamburger kind of guy.

After playing with the parachute, we used it as our picnic blanket and the feast was spread out. What a day we had!

We couldn't let the kids go without a little parting gift. Backpacks stuffed with goodies were the preferred present and Micah, Lucy and Cara proudly wore theirs home. These three sweet children live in the same foster family and get to and from NDFH in their foster mother's three-wheeled-cart. Seriously, could anything be more precious?

Which part was your favorite?

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  1. ALL of it!
    But I especially loved seeing Lucy in that little cart with her foster siblings! She's growing so much!