Monday, May 7, 2012

A Ray of Sunshine

Sarah Lyn and Richard arrived around the same time. When we first saw Sarah Lyn, she was a too-skinny baby, struggling to gain weight in her orphanage. We wanted to bring her in and help her get strong, healthy, and increase her chances of being adopted.

We believe that every child deserves a chance, and sweet Sarah Lyn is no exception.

Happily, by the time she arrived here in Beijing, Sarah had already gained weight and was looking so much better than our first impressions. But she was scared, and she still is.

Sarah Lyn is afraid of sunlight, because it hurts her eyes. She is often found, having curled her body up, and shielding her eyes from rays of sunshine. She's one of the hat-wearing cuties outside, and we should have some special sunglasses for her soon! But she's is still afraid of the warm rays, because they hurt her tender albino eyes.

We hope that she will soon learn to love being outside, basking in sunlight and looking straight up instead of hiding her face. We also hope that Sarah Lyn will learn that she is a ray of sunshine in our lives, and that she is very much loved.

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