Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rachel's Hat

Because of Rachel's nevus, we need to keep her head covered when she's outside in the sunlight. That being the case, she gets first dibs on all of the cute summer hats. The problem is, Rachel doesn't really like wearing hats. She's not like Sarah Lyn, who's afraid of the bright sunlight, and she doesn't really understand why she must wear something on her head.

Rachel likes to play a little game with us, after we've picked out a cute hat and put it on her head. She smiles sweetly, then sneakily pulls the hat off of her head. Then she giggles. Of course, we're smitten with her giggles and smiles and can't bear to put a stop to this game.

Really, who can resist that grin?


  1. Your sponsor family cannot resist that grin. Just beautiful!