Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NDSouth: Preschool

We have recently begun teaching preschool to our three oldest kids here at New Day South! Since we only have three students, and they are at very different levels (and attention spans!), we have decided to have three separate one-on-one sessions with the kids. They crave as much individual attention as they can get, and this also gives them the opportunity to work on some preschool activities.
Jonah absolutely loves preschool! As soon as his teacher arrives at the foster home in the morning, he points towards the back of the foster home (where preschool is held) and is ready to go! Preschool is done in English and he is learning it so quickly. He already can say the words and identify the pictures for “car,” “truck,” and “dog.” Jonah can also count to 10 in English already. Such a smart little boy. He would stay in preschool all day if we let him.

Renee’s favorite activity in preschool is definitely coloring! She is learning how to properly hold a crayon, and to color within the lines. One of her latest favorite activities is readin,g and she is also picking up English quickly. Such a sweet student!

Hope is our youngest student, and even though she’s not quite 2, we are allowing her to have some class time as well. She loves coloring, reading, and puzzles.

We are excited to watch our students here at NDSouth learn and grow!

--- This post was written by Anneli, intern at New Day South


  1. Keep up the good work students!

  2. Way to go, Jonah, Renee and Hope!
    And Anneli too! :)

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  4. I only knew schools that handle one-on-one and they are schools for the special. Well, for me these type of school has different learning styles than the typical schools we knew. They are specialized in something that made them unique from the other.