Monday, April 2, 2012

How Much Does it Cost to Feed the Fish?

Not too much! We couldn't resist the 10 yuan (about $1.50) to give these four sweet girls a chance to feed the fish at the aquarium on Friday. Can you read the excitement on their faces? Eliana's not sure what to think, Cora's lost in thought, Claire perfects her fishy face while Lily jumps up and down for joy.

Lily's turn was first, and her face positively lit up when the fish flocked to her. The little fish were so happy to be fed by such a pretty little girl, that she needed help holding onto the feeding-pole.

Eliana and Cora each got a turn as well. Eliana was very sweet when it was time to give the pole to Cora. She's good at sharing.

Claire didn't want her turn to be over. By this time, all four girls had their attention locked onto all of the fish who had come to fight for food. It looks like Eliana and Cora are trying to count the fish, but having trouble keeping track on only ten fingers, while Lily is wondering if she can have just one more turn.

Everybody had a lot of fun our our field trip to the aquarium.  Don't forget to check out the scrapbook of pictures on our website, and then this album on our facebook page!

Some funny things happened on our trip, which we'll tell you about later this week. There was that time with Eliana and the clown... and then the photographic evidence we caught of Micah kissing a girl. Oh, and don't forget Josiah stealing food off of his field-trip buddy's plate...

Have a happy Monday!

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