Friday, March 30, 2012

Lena Starts Therapy!

They don't come much tinier than little Lena. Eight months old and weighing just over eleven pounds, she is every definition of "little". She's also a precious victim to the never ending cycle of needing to gain weight so that she can have heart surgery, yet unable to gain weight because of her sick little heart. But the sweet little thing is growing, bigger and stronger, just in her own special way.

This week, Zoe started doing therapy with Lena, to help her work on and master some of those important developmental milestones that an eight-month old should meet. Lena has a ways to go, but considering that she used to be unable to lift up her head, was too weak to shake a rattle and was content to be held all of the time, it's amazing that she's now lifting her head to look around, reaching and grabbing for toys and loves to play on the floor by herself.

We're excited to watch all of the progress that Lena will make in therapy. One thing we know for sure, Lena is having fun. Just check out that happy grin.

Keep working hard, Lena. We're all cheering for you!