Monday, April 2, 2012

Eliana and the Clown

We were on our way out of the CCTV Tower, off to lunch, when who should we see but a clown! He was holding "rock-paper-sissors" competitions, offering prizes to those who beat him. The nannies tried their hands at a few rounds, and many won ping-pong balls.

When Eliana saw the clown, she ran straight up to him. She wasn't interested in the prizes, though... all she cared about was making a new friend.

At first, the clown didn't seem to notice the little girl at his feet. But her friendly insistence that he shake her hand paid off, and soon the painted face was brightening as it found a kindred spirit in bubbly Eliana.

Eliana was star-struck, but in a very comfortable and excited way. She was literally jumping up and down, giggling, overwhelmed that the clown wanted to be her friend too!

Watching Eliana interact with the clown helped break down some shyness barriers, and soon the other children wanted to shake hands with the tall figure.

Alex tried his hand at winning a prize. He chose the "two win" option, meaning that he would have to beat the clown twice consecutively to win his prize. He didn't manage to win, but he still had fun trying.  

This was the children's first time meeting a clown. Do you remember the first time you met a clown? Tell us about it!


  1. I just love how smiley Eliana ALWAYS seems, and you pretty much confirmed her disposition with the "bubbly" comment. What a joy she must be for those around her. She's like a little sunshine bouncing around it seems!! She surely should have won one of those smiley face balls-heehee!
    Oh yes, my first memory of clowns, my Great Aunt used to collect them and had a house filled with them! She also always had a smile on her face and was very outgoing. I see a theme here ... clowns equal happy people!
    Hugs, Valerie

  2. Love seeing Eliana's personality SHINE thru in this post. Thank you!