Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Forever Home: Learning To Ride

Like most all of our older girls who arrive at the Forever Home, they have never had the opportunity to learn to ride a bicycle.  Well........we can't have that, now can we?! 

Even Elly here, who has some really challenging Gross Motor issues is learning to ride.  Though she is just beginning and doesn't have the strength to peddle but a few steps, it is still progress and such fun learning!! Just look at that smile on her face!!  With much hard work, her dreams of walking, running, and playing like other children are coming true little by little each passing day!  And though there is still a ways to go, we have seen her come so far and KNOW that she'll soon see her dreams come true!  She is one determined girl!  She can now walk slowly with one hand being held and can go up and down 6 flights of stairs while holding onto the railing by herself!  We are so excited about the progress she is making and look forward to much more!

Holly, also had never had the opportunity to ride a bicycle.  She has given it a whirl and is already close to riding on her own. Two or three more outdoor sessions and she'll be riding all on her own without training wheels!  Way to go Holly!!

Hannah, with the sun in her eyes, LOVES bike riding and is an old pro at it--that is with training wheels :)  Though we tried a bit towards the end of last summer, she still was not able to ride without the training wheels.  I have to say it wasn't the not being able to as much as the fear of someone letting go that held her back.  She actually could ride a little ways on her own as long as she thought someone was holding onto the back end, but as soon as she realized they let go, well....she was done riding :)  We hope to work with her a lot more now that the weather is getting warmer and we have more time outside.  I'm sure with a bit more work, we'll see her riding her bike everywhere without the training wheels!

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