Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Want to Get Involved?

There are a number of ways that YOU can be involved in the work of NDFH. Many you can find about on our website, but some new opportunities have been popping up recently, opportunities to help change a child's life.

Pretty neat sounding, right? Read on...

Does anyone remember Jess? She was an intern two summers ago, and did some writing here on the blog. She's coming back in a few weeks, and wants to pack her suitcases FULL of formula for the kids. You can find out more here.

In honor of the lives of Liu Yi and Paige, Hannah and Lindsay are raising funds to cover the heart surgeries of Lydia and Tabitha. We think that this is pretty exciting, and hope that you'll join with them to help raise the $14,000 needed to physically heal Lydia and Tabitha's broken hearts.


Lindsay made a video which, if it doesn't find you bawling, will at least leave you teary. We can't wait to watch the memory of Liu Yi and Paige become a miracle for these two precious ladies.


Caroline is raising money for Ken's cleft lip and palate surgery, and she's almost reached her goal! Just a few more donations and he'll be set.

Thanks for partnering with us to change lives. We just feel so blessed to be apart of this amazing work, and are thrilled that you have joined with us.

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  1. I remember Jess!! ;) So many exciting oppourtunities available to get involved with!!!