Sunday, March 25, 2012

All Dolled Up

A ruffled pink dress and a suit n' tie... what were we to do but play dress-up on a few of the kids!

Rebecca is a doll, and looked more adorable that we thought possible in the sweet ensemble.

When we showed Josiah's nanny how sweet he looked in his get-up, they couldn't contain their excitement. Oooh's and Aaahh's and giggles filled the playroom. He is very much adored by everyone here.

Of course we had to try the outfit on Roy too. He loved the hat but didn't care for the tie. Did you know such cuteness was possible?

Then we added Joy into the mix, who liked Roy's hat even more than he did.

She liked it so much that she tried it on herself!

"He looks like a driver!" the nannies said when they saw Jonathan in the hat. We decided not to put the green shirt on him, just to have him wear the vest and tie. Do you think that we made the right choice?

Can you guess who these two are? A cuter couple you will never find.


  1. I'm so in love with these photos! I miss you so much, Joy! I've counted, three more days till I get to see you!

  2. This is amazing and you know what these little evils look like these are the most awesome beauty of the world having in them.

  3. Awe.........Love seeing little Josiah once again.....He melts this mommas heart!!