Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fight For the Slide {Video}

Ever since Josiah and CJ arrived, we've thought of them as brothers. They came to NDFH on the same day and were nearly the same size, despite Josiah being three months older. It's no surprise for us, then, that though they can play together nicely, sometimes a little "brotherly frustration" occurs.

Take this video of them on the slide, for example. Josiah can climb up the slide by himself, but was having a little bit of trouble. He can do it flawlessly in bare feet, but was wearing some really cute shoes that hindered his ascension. CJ wanted a turn, so he tried to push Josiah up a little bit faster.

That didn't really work, so CJ not-so-patiently waited... until Josiah slipped down for good, knocking the impatient CJ down in the process.

Watch the video to see what CJ does after that, and then tell us what you think that he said.


  1. How did I miss this video?? Oh gracious - little CJ will fit in so well with our family...the little ones already have a hard time being patient waiting for the slide, and they seem to love going UP the slide! Praying for a family for Josiah - maybe one close to us would be good :-)
    Love to all you guys!!!

  2. And as for what he said?? I have NO idea - we have listened to it a ton, and we can't tell what he said?? Please share!! :-)