Friday, March 9, 2012

Dipping Fun

What do you get when you add a box full of fun-dip envelopes and fifteen happy children? The math isn't that hard... every single one of the preschool students figured it out in a jiffy.

Fun-Dip + Children = Happy (sugar-coated) Faces

Landon's Fun Dip kept him busy. He didn't move a muscle until his foster mom came to pick him up. Every bit of focus that he had was devoted to dipping and licking, dipping and licking. All that hard work paid off! Check out his impressively blue lips.

Elliot decided that crunching down on the candy-stick was just as fun as dipping. "Can I eat this too?" he asked. When he received the affirmative reply, we watched as the candy got shorter and shorter.

Jabin, oh silly, silly Jabin. After a few attempts dipping his stick into the sugar, he decided that there must be a better way.  And he found one.

"好吃吗?" Is it yummy? We asked the children.

"好吃!" So yummy! They replied.

Check out the scrapbook for even more pictures!

P.S. The morning wasn't complete without dress-up time, which turned into some of the cutest little princesses, fairies, elves and spidermen you have ever seen. We might just have to post some pictures on Monday... what do you think?

Take a guess: Who dressed up as a bumblebee? And who was a doctor? Answers coming on Monday!


  1. Okay. First on the packing list, FUN DIPS ;-) Perhaps we will be a hit with all the kids if we bring those, huh? :-) All the kids look precious! Continuing to pray for you all!

  2. Total cuteness. I love each of their reactions to flavored sugar, though I have to say I prefer the stick myself just like Elliot. Glad to see treats enjoyed.