Monday, March 5, 2012

A Day at New Day

Joel is a good student. He studies hard and it's paying off. He, along with Elly, Holly, Hannah and Alex, study in our little "backyard classroom" with their teachers, Peggy and Esther. Each child is as a different level, but all of them are learning and having fun.

Of course, recess is the best part of the school day, isn't it? After lunch, Hannah, Holly and Elly play outside. Despite the fact that Hannah and Holly are the oldest in this trio, Elly makes the rules. "Don't stop. Don't sit down. Let's go!" she calls out. Together, these three have a lot of fun and laugh many sweet laughs.

All of the CCU babies are home together at last! Ella (not pictured) and Lydia returned from the hospital last week, and were surprised to see that a new sister had joined their little family. Alea is a sick but strong angel. She needs a liver transplant to save her life and we're hoping for a miracle. Her yellow skin reminds us of just how sick she is, but her smiles remind us of the hope that exists when we believe it. Michael is recovering so well from his emergency heart surgery. Every day he is stronger, and boy does he have the greatest smiles!

Cora and William are always the perfect ingredients for an adorable photo shoot. They're really this happy all of the time. Can't you just see the love that these two have for one another?

In other news, the foster home just purchased some new sofas. Our old ones were sadly worn and had to be protected with a cover. CJ checked out the new sofa in the playroom and approved.

Last, and certainly NOT least, Nathan returned home today! His surgery just happened a week ago... super fast recoveries seem to be the norm around here, but that doesn't make them any less amazing.

We hope that your day was just as fun, adorable, productive and miraculous!


  1. So many precious kids! And you know that I absolutely LOVE that picture of Cora and William! Two cuties!!!

  2. This is such a precious post! So glad Nathan is back and is no longer blue!! PTL! <><